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Frequently Asked Questions

I’m having difficulties logging into my account. What do I do?

If you are having difficulties logging into your account, you may click on the “Forgot Your Password” link on the login page. An email will be sent to you to change your password and verify your account. If you don’t receive an email, please check your spam folder. If you are still having difficulties logging in, please contact American Farmers Network for further assistance.

Where can I find my voucher code?

Your voucher code is purchased through one of our retail partners. Unless you already used the voucher code to redeem your order, you will need to go back to your order confirmation email, sent to you by one of our retail partners at the time voucher purchase. The same order confirmation email will also include the redemption instructions. If you are unable to locate your original order confirmation email, you will need to contact the company you purchased the voucher from.

Why doesn’t my voucher code work?

After inputting your voucher code in the “Discount Codes” box, please make sure you click on the “Apply Coupon” button in order for the code to be correctly applied. After you do so, you will see that your grand total for your order goes down to $0.00 dollars. If your grand total doesn’t go down to $0.00, the voucher code wasn’t correctly applied. At that point, you might want to repeat the above steps or contact American Farmers Network to help you place your order.

Why is there no “Free Shipping” option?

The voucher code, when applied correctly, will bring your grand total down to $0.00 dollars, including the shipping cost. If your total reflects the shipping cost or any other amount besides $0.00, make sure you have entered the correct code into the “Discount Codes” box, and clicked on the “Apply Coupon” button. If after executing the above instructions, your total still isn’t $0.00, please contact American Farmers Network for further assistance.

Why didn’t I get the order confirmation email?

Order confirmation emails are sent out immediately after the order is successfully placed. In case you haven’t received the order confirmation email, please check your spam email folder. If you are still have difficulties finding it, please contact our customer service team for further assistance.

I purchased more than one voucher. Can I place both orders together?

You may only use one voucher per order. Each voucher code will need to be redeemed separately.

How do I track my order?

Once your order physically ships, the tracking information will be emailed to you within 12 hours from the time the package was picked up by FedEx. You can either click on the “Track Order” button in your account, or copy and paste the tracking number onto the FedEx website to monitor and track your package. If for some reason you aren’t able to locate the tracking confirmation email, please check your spam folder or contact American Farmers Network for further assistance.

I placed my order on Thursday. Why wasn’t my order shipped on Friday?

All products are shipped Monday through Thursday to ensure that they arrive in perfect condition by no later than Saturday of that same week. As none of the shipping carriers transport the freight over the weekend, all perishable items need to be delivered before the end of the week inside of the same week they were physically shipped in. If your order was shipped on Friday, and the transit time from the origin to your destination is longer than one day, your package would be sitting at the FedEx warehouse until Monday without being physically transported. That would extend the delivery time of your order for additional two days, at which point the perishable items would run the risk of being spoiled. The only exceptions are overnight deliveries, which ship Monday through Friday. Orders received Thursday through Sunday will ship on the following Monday.

Can I get my order shipped to a business address?

Yes. If you would like your order to be shipped to a business address, you are required to enter the company name into the shipping address field. Without this information FedEx may attempt delivery of your package on Saturday when the business is closed. As none of the shipping carriers deliver to businesses via curbside delivery, your package in case of a Saturday delivery attempt would simply be returned to the local FedEx office and stored there over the weekend. In that case, FedEx would attempt delivery the next business day, at which point perishable items could very well be compromised and no longer frozen or cold to touch. For more information on our shipping and delivery procedures, please visit our shipping page at http://www.americanfarmersnetwork.com/shipping/.

How does the meat stay frozen during transit?

For every day in transit, we include minimum of five (5) pounds of dry ice. For example, if the projected transit time from our location to yours is three (3) days, your order will contain a minimum of fifteen (15) pounds of dry ice. During summer months, the requirement for dry ice increases from five (5) to 7.5 pounds for every day in transit. This method ensures that your items arrive safe and in perfect condition. Please note that the dry ice may have dissipated by the time your order arrives, but your product should be frozen or cold to touch, and safe to consume.

Can I select a specific delivery date for my order?

Yes. After you enter your shipping and billing information in the order form, you’ll first be able to select the order shipment method. Along with selecting the preferred shipping method for your order, you can also select a specific delivery date for your package that best suits your schedule. To do that, click on the calendar underneath the shipping method screen. The dates highlighted in black and red (red for Saturday delivery) are the available delivery days in your area. To select the delivery date of your choice, click on the date.

Please note: All orders shipping to Alaska and Hawaii must be shipped overnight.

If you’ve selected a specific delivery date for your package, please make sure you’re available to receive the package on the day you selected the order to be delivered on. If you’re ordering it as a gift, make sure you let your gift recipient know the day the package is projected to arrive so they are able to receive and store the perishable items accordingly.

American Farmers Network is not liable for compromised orders resulted from not properly storing or putting away products, providing the same package was successfully delivered on the previously selected delivery date.

Can I change my delivery address?

To ensure timely and accurate delivery, it is the customer’s responsibility to provide and verify the accuracy of the shipping address when placing an order. If the order is delivered to the incorrect address or the shipping carrier isn’t able to confirm the address as a valid delivery destination, the order does not qualify for a replacement.

Any changes to the shipping address must occur before the order physically leaves our fulfillment facility. Address changes to the orders already in transit are not possible. If you realized that the shipping address you provided is incorrect, to ensure a possibility of an address update, please contact our customer support on the same business day when the order was placed.

Any address changes requested through the shipping carrier directly will automatically delay delivery attempt by at least one business day. In the case of perishable products, any delays to the original delivery could cause the items to be spoiled. Any delays in delivering orders, or packages being compromised due to those delays, caused by the customer changing the address with the carrier directly do not qualify for a replacement.

What do I do if no one is at home to accept delivery?

All orders are shipped via the curbside delivery method. Packages do not require a signature when FedEx delivers them. Packages can be left at any exterior door location if no one is present to accept the shipment. To preserve quality, all packages must be stored into a freezer or refrigerator no later than 6-8 hours from the time they are physically delivered. If you’ve purchased our products as a gift, please notify the recipient they are receiving perishable goods and need to be refrigerated or frozen upon delivery.

Why should I purchase from American Farmers Network?

At American Farmers Network, we take great pride in the quality and value of our products. While we uphold the USDA rules as the foundation of the meat industry, many of American Farmers Network’ production standards go above and beyond government regulations, ensuring the meat we deliver to you is the safest and healthiest possible! Our meat is 100% grass fed, not grain finished.

Here are a few reasons why our customers keep coming back:

  • Fresh Farmer’s Market Online – from small family farm directly to your table
  • Access to the nation’s largest network of local organic producers
  • Animals raised on small family farms – not conventional feedlots
  • Produced without the use of synthetic hormones, toxic pesticides, GMO, or antibiotics
  • Respectful and humane animal care that doesn't end when our animals leave the farm
  • Our animals graze in pasture and are finished on the farm – not on crowded, concrete feedlots
  • Our animals consume vegetarian feeds and no animal byproducts. This is your best protection against bovine spongiform encephalopathy (BSE, or Mad Cow Disease)
  • Our beef is always 100% grass fed – never grained finished
  • American Farmers Network maintains meticulous records on every animal farmers raise and harvest, ensuring traceability from farm to table
  • Farms, feed, and facilities meet – and very often exceed – certification standard as verified by annual third party inspections and regular visits by American Farmers Network staff
  • To ensure safety, we require each batch of meat to be tested for bacteria before it leaves our processing facilities
  • Steaks naturally aged to unlock maximum flavor and tenderness – trimmed by hand for consistency
  • Individually vacuum-wrapped to eliminate freezer burn allowing you to consume just what you need and save the rest for later
  • Flash-frozen to capture maximum freshness and flavor
  • Fast and friendly customer service department

What’s the difference in between Organic and Natural meat?

Natural meat merely means that the meat is minimally processed, without flavorings, coloring, preservatives or synthetic additives. Note that this does not include hormones or antibiotics, which are permitted under USDA regulations, although individual producers may voluntarily choose to forgo use of these as well. There is no third-party verification or tracking of natural cattle herds. Common practices in conventional agriculture include feeding animals plastic pellets for roughage, using feed containing animal byproducts, urea and manure, denying animals access to pasture, and housing them in overcrowded conditions where animals are subject to disease and injury.

American Farmers Network guarantees the organic integrity of our products in accordance with the USDA’s National Organic Program. Production practices are documented by frequent on-farm inspections, supported by an audited paper trail, from the farm through every distribution step. All American Farmers Network farms are certified organic by Colorado Department of Agriculture.

What does it mean to be USDA Certified Organic?

In 2002, USDA regulations went into effect governing the labeling of foods produced using organic agriculture. Organic is a labeling term that indicates that the food or other agricultural product has been produced through approved methods that integrate cultural, biological, and mechanical practices that foster cycling of resources, promote ecological balance, and conserve biodiversity.

Farmers can’t give organic livestock antibiotics or growth hormones, and they must feed their animals 100% organic (non-GMO) feed. Organic farmers must also give their livestock access to the outdoors and ample time on quality pasture, which results in meat with higher levels of health-protecting omega-3 fatty acids. Organic farming methods are based on building and improving the soil, promoting biodiversity, and protecting our natural resources. It stands to reason that healthier ecosystems, higher quality soil and clean water will produce healthier plants, which in turn support healthier animals, humans, and a healthier planet.

The USDA regulations guarantee:

  • Reflect National Organic Standards Board recommendations regarding which substances used in production and processing are allowed or prohibited.
  • Prohibit the use of irradiation, sewage sludge, or genetically modified organisms (GMOs) in organic production.
  • Prohibit antibiotic and synthetic hormone use in organic meat and poultry.
  • Require 100% organic feed for organic livestock.

What are the benefits of consuming certified organic meats?

For consumers who want to minimize personal exposure to toxins and support humane and sustainable agricultural practices, the organic labeling laws are extremely important. Today, all agricultural products labeled “organic” have been verified by an accredited certification agency as meeting or exceeding USDA standards for organic production.

What is the American Farmers Network definition of organic? Is it different from USDA’s definition?

While we uphold the USDA rules as the foundation of the organic industry, American Farmers Network production standards go above and beyond government regulations. Our company defines organic as a philosophy and system of production that mirrors the natural laws of living organisms with emphasis on the interdependence of all life. This definition reflects our deep convictions in our role as stewards of the earth. With the wisdom of generations, we, the farmers American Farmers Network partners with, care for the health of the land, the animals, and people who eat the food we produce. We recognize the interdependency of all life and the value of sustainability, which results in the highest quality and purest meats possible.

Why is grass fed beef better?

Most beef cows in America are raised for a short time on grass and then "finished" in confined feeding areas with a diet of grain that is unnatural to them, which boosts E. coli counts in their guts and encourages the spread of disease. Grass-fed beef cows eat grass their entire lives, as cows evolved to do. Because their lifecycle isn't accelerated with hormones, animals mature in the spring when forage is bursting with new growth, seeds and nutrients. Those nutrients end up in the meat and result in a healthy and delicious product.

Is American Farmers Network beef 100% grass fed?

Yes, all of our beef is not only certified organic, but also 100% grass fed (never grain finished). It’s more than delicious and a healthy alternative to conventional grain fed beef. No pesticides, antibiotics or growth hormones. Lower in both fat and calories than conventional beef, grass fed beef is a great option for beef lovers looking for a heart-healthy, lower calorie options. Higher in omega-3 fatty acids – essential for enhancing heart health and reducing the risk of arthritis, obesity, insulin resistance, allergies, and autoimmune disease. Grass fed beef is higher in beta-carotene, which is helpful in reducing the risk of cancer and cardiovascular disease.

How does the grass-fed beef compare to the grain-fed cattle?

  • Grass-fed beef is two to four times richer in heart healthy omega 3 fatty acids.
  • Grass-fed beef is higher in "good" unsaturated fats and lower in "bad" saturated fats.
  • Grass-fed beef is three to five times higher in CLA (Conjugated Linoleic Acid) content.
  • Grass-fed beef is loaded with over 400% more of vitamin A (as beta carotene) and vitamin E.
  • Grass-fed beef is virtually devoid of risk of Mad Cow Disease.

For more information about the grass-fed benefits, please visit http://www.americanfarmersnetwork.com/about-grass-fed/.

How are the animals raised?

Our small family farmers treat their livestock humanely and raise herds in a natural and low stress environment. All animals are allowed substantial time outside in pastures, allowing them to graze naturally reducing the risk of disease and injury. Our farmers don’t use any growth hormones or stimulants. Livestock matures at a natural rate, making the meat more tender and flavorful.