100% Grass-Fed, USDA Certified Organic Steaks, Beef, Chicken, & More

Don’t be misled by “Natural” labelinglearn about the big differences between organic and “natural” meat.

As pioneers of organic meat, we take pride in going above and beyond the USDA Organic standards. Learn what separates American Farmers Network from the rest.

About Us


With strong commitment to sustainable organic farming and humane animal treatment, American Farmers Network is one of the leading organic meat brands in the country. We take great pride in the quality and value of our products. While we uphold the USDA rules as the foundation of the meat industry, many of our production standards go above and beyond government regulations.

American Farmers Network meats are produced by the network of small family farmers who are committed to the most natural and compassionate approach to ranching. Our family ranchers are committed to providing your family with the healthiest, most nutritious meat, raised humanely in accordance with organic principles and practices – respecting the dignity and interdependence of human, animal, plant, soil and life on earth. All of our family farmers are located in the continental United States. We pride ourselves to bring American produced products from the local farms directly to your dinner table.

All of our organic beef is 100% grass fed. It’s one of the selective few 100% grass fed certified organic programs in the country with beef raised exclusively in the USA. The flavor in our beef comes from the clean fresh grasses and plants the cattle graze on, and from the humane and stress-free environment provided by our master ranchers. These master ranchers use their years of experience on ranches across America to help ensure that a sustainable, stress-free environment that fully complies and often exceeds government regulations, is maintained. You can taste the difference in our products.